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 Why we love what we do

I brought my sign with me to the
2013 March for Life in Washington DC, where it was photographed and shared tens of thousands of times
(and I had no idea for over a year!)
and was mentioned
here, and here,
here, and here.
Oh yeah, here too (I love the title on this one!)

"Coexist" is the first of what we pray will be many "Signs of Life."

I created the Coexist pro life sign in February 2012 while we were participating in the 40 Days for Life campaigns in our hometown of Hanover, Pennsylvania. Thanks be to God, to the wonderful volunteers, and to the extremely dedicated coordinators, the planned parenthood office there was closed for good in July 2014!  


My idea was to take a slogan popular with many who seemed angered by our peaceful presence, and turn it around to show them the concept in a new light - in its truest light.


For where do we coexist more intimately and profoundly - where do we most fully cooperate with God's creative power - than when we welcome a child in the womb of his mother.

In the movie "Unplanned" !


Would you wear a Coexist t-shirt?

Let us know!

If we have enough interest we will print them for sale!

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